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A Guide Through Online Tutoring During The Pandemic!

Let's first start by asking, what is online tutoring?

Online tutoring is the process of teaching/instructing in a virtual environment, online, in which teachers and learners interact and participate from separate physical locations.

Online Teaching

People often mistake online tutoring with online teaching. They are similar in concept, since both consist of educational jobs that can be done from home, and both involve instructing students on particular subjects. But, surely there are some key differences.

The main one is that online tutoring is meant to provide the student/learner with extra help and knowledge in specific subjects. Even though these subjects are being taught to them by someone other than the teacher, online tutoring offers extensive instruction and clarification in skills that the students tend to fall behind on.

On the other hand, teachers, by online teaching, are required by the school, to present the students with all the information that the portion of a curriculum for a specific subject contains. They are the main instructors and don’t really focus on bits and pieces of the material, but rather the whole curriculum. This is the part where tutoring and extra help come to the scene.

How Does Online Tutoring Work?

To examine online tutoring, we have to divide it into three different categories.

Primary School Tutoring

For primary school students, these web-based programs usually incorporate large amounts of information in the form of multimedia and interactive activities, designed purposefully to stimulate the students to successfully complete the session and their coursework. These programs tend to have as their main target learners with special needs and their focus is on subjects that children seem to struggle with the most.

High School Tutoring

Online high school tutoring is mostly focused on helping students improve their test-taking skills. Since high school is the last step towards college, online high school tutors provide lectures on their own or through a test prep company to prepare students for college-entry tests and more.

University Tutoring

University Tutoring

Even though most of their colleges do provide on-campus tutors, university-level students still seem to go more towards online tutoring as an easier form of extra help. They don’t require face-to-face instruction and can be done at any time student wants to schedule. They use these platforms to get extra information and knowledge on specific subjects. They also use them to get help on different assignments in exchange for a payment that varies based on different factors.

Online tutors typically follow one of two kinds of formats, depending on the student's desire and availability:

  1. Synchronous tutoring consists of real-time interaction between the tutor and the student. It requires software that allows both parties to interact and communicate directly with video, audio, and or text.

  2. Asynchronous tutoring relies on offline coursework where the tutor emails the assignments, and the students complete them and submits their work online. But, of course, if the students need the extra help of clarification, both the tutor and the student don’t have to be online and communicate in real-time but can exchange emails or texts.

Online Tutoring During a Pandemic

In this last century, online tutoring has been viewed as a necessary educational tool. It can be pricey, but it works, and it can save your life and your grades. Private tutoring is becoming a favorite choice among many parents that are willing to pay any price so their kids can be accepted into elite colleges and universities. Worrying about physical contact and the risk of getting infected by the virus, choosing online tutoring for them seems the safest and most effective choice for their kids.

The Big Picture

It is quite hard to find an aspect of life the pandemic hasn't impacted, and the education world is no different. Many students are experiencing hardships when it comes to learning during the pandemic. It’s been a year since schools have switched to online teaching and learning, and these hardships are getting more real and debilitating over time.

This is why online tutoring lately has been thriving. If done right, it can really help close the gap. Losing more than a year's worth of face-to-face in-person education will have lifelong effects and a very big impact on students that are going to need to put very much effort into getting back on track.

According to education experts, all these months of often inferior remote schooling and learning, together with the pressure of the pandemic, have led to considerable learning loss. It has been concluded that students are getting lower results on tests. The results also are sadly being artificially inflated in order to encourage students, given the situation the world is in at this moment.

why online tutoring

The most affected target group is comprised of primary school kids, who are missing out on the foundation of their education. It’s been estimated that more than 40% of students from this age group are significantly at risk of needing intensive intervention, compared with the previous years that have been up to 20-29%. These interventions include online tutoring, which has experienced a huge increase in demand during the pandemic. Studies show that students who use these online platforms for extra help from tutors have been proven to undergo less learning loss.

How Can We Help?

Katrexa- How can we help

Easy! The first step, submit your problem, the material you need tutoring in and our team will do the right research and provide you with a suitable offer and an affordable quotation.

The next step is proceeding with the order and completing the payment safely and securely via PayPal or E-transfer.

After that, the most competent tutor for the subject will provide you with information, answers, and/or solutions through a 1:1 session (or independently) until you have all the knowledge and/or school work you need.

Our number one priority is your satisfaction and we make sure you get all the help you need.

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